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From wood grips to rotating grab we are Australia’s top distributor of hydraulic attachments.Having reliable and successful technology is important for ensuring that building projects are completed on time. At our company, we provide high-quality mechanical grapples for sale. We can supply rotating log grapple, demolition grabs, and wood grapples.We take pride in being Heavy Industries’ distributor in Australia. Our products’ credibility, durability, and ease of maintenance are all aspects of our engineering expertise and wealth of direct operating knowledge.

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Don’t experiment with the tools you use for building. Choose high-quality goods to guarantee high-quality outcomes. When clearing sites, our wood grapple is a terrific way to quickly and efficiently pick up and move logs. Alternatively, our rotating grab is perfect for managing scrap and selecting materials, and debris removal.We consider user needs while designing all of our products to guarantee reliability, functionality, and comfort. Take a look for yourself by purchasing one of the mechanical grapples we sell.We recognize the importance of precisely constructed hydraulic attachments and strive to provide our clients with only the best goods. Our staff is capable of assisting you in locating the ideal wood grapple, fixed grab, or rotating grab.Our goal is to have devoted clients who believe in the superiority and quality of our product over other options.

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Our Rotating grapplesrange in capacity from 2 tonnes to over 30 tonnes, making them suitable for use with excavators and cranes.The five-finger hand grapple series can be your best option if you operate with a constantly shifting range of materials. A lot of these grapples include the greatest aspects of other specialized grapples, so you can work effectively every day of the week. These grapples are used by customers for a wide range of tasks, such as bulk material movement, sorting, demolition, recycling, stone, and logs.All of the rotating grapples that we sell are of the contemporary bypass design, which permits very tight shutting to accommodate a range of sizes while permitting vast opening widths to take up a lot of material and providing tremendous capacity.Our revolving grapple is made to group materials better and provide strong gripping forces.Rotating Log Grapple is designed for Diggers. Modern bypass design allows for vast opening widths and capacities while maintaining extremely tight closure on all log excavator grapples.Log grapples are made to accommodate logs by gripping them; their fixed teeth prevent logs from being bit, allowing for faster bundling and increased output.Rotating Log grapple is the preferred option for sorting logs, stacking logs with forwarders, and frequently feeding chippers. For more information visit our website: