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Are you searching for durable and reliable storage solution? There is no need to buy imported and high prices canopies as MW Toolbox & Trailer Centre located in Sydney is manufacturing high quality canopies regarding your requirements. We are also offering custom made canopies and these can be easily fit to any size of vehicles. While your product is in transit it is our responsibility to deliver you with care and safety. In-case any product got any kind of damage during transit that it is our responsibility to deliver you fresh piece of product.  


We are serving the nation for more than 20 years and at this time we are leading experienced firms in the industry by manufacturing dog cages for utes, toolboxes for utes, custom ute canopies, caravans and much more. In a very affordable price, you can easily purchase the best quality product with warranty and material used in manufacturing is better than any kind of imported similar product. 


For professionals of different types of industries Aluminum ute is considered as necessary piece of equipment. MW Toolbox aluminium ute has become the first choice for each and every tradesperson because of high quality product and affordable price. Custom made order as process as per requirement and budget of the customer and it helps to grow our business with very ease. Different companies are setting very cheap prices and it becomes the attraction point for customer to purchase from that but when you are making any kind of purchasing from such companies’ retail shops so there are lots of hidden cost applied at the time of invoice and some of the companies are selling your very low quality canopies and other equipment. Your wrong decision can affect your business very badly and routine operations are disturbed. Many of the serious incident can be happens if you are using cheap and low quality, sometimes during the operations major accidents occurs and lead to permanent injuries to employees.


By purchasing any product from MW Toolbox, you are free from any kind of fraud and we provide you same products as described in the broachers. With the help of MW Toolbox’s services there is a good impact over the country’s GDP and our aim is not only to generate too much profit only but to grow those industries where our products are used.

Every year our business is growing and from the past many years we are leading the industry by manufacturing products and providing highest quality services throughout the Australia. Visit our website to make a survey and chose your desired products at very reasonable prices.